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Waist Compression Leggings

Waist Compression Leggings

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Our Waist Compression Leggings are PERFECT for working out. They have a breathable and comfortable fabric as that is suitable for everyday wear. This high-elastic fabric provides a stretchy fit on your lower body, with moderate compression and support around your waist.
The hook- and-eye allows for size adjustments as you begin to lose inches. If you are unsure of what size to order size up one.

Model 1 is wearing size 4x due to having a apron belly.

Model 2 is wearing a size 4x in second photo.

Model 3 is wearing a 3x in 3rd photo.

Other pictures to show the actual stretch of product to accommodate a large belly.




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Common Questions

Are your waist trainers true to size?

Yes, but the size of your abdomen will determine if you should size up by by one. We all have different body types, so a size chart is also available for reference.

What are the benefits of Waist Trainers/Waist Compressions?

•Enhanced workouts- It causes the body to produce more sweat around the abdomen, which in turn releases toxins and allows for inches to be lost.

•Posture- It helps tighten your core and forces you to have proper posture while also offering tummy control which can reduce back pain.

•Snatched- Look slimmer instantly which will give you the motivation to workout! When you look good you feel good!