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Pre-Order Twister Stepper

Pre-Order Twister Stepper

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WEIGHT CAPACITY IS 330lbs others on the market only hold between 220-250lb. Already comes assembled.

Almost sold out❤️ Thank you all so much for your support! We are only taking 100 preorders for this product. This will sell out once it hits the market so secure yours TODAY✨

GET YOUR MIND AND BODY RIGHT FOR THE NEW YEAR💪🏾Currently in mass production and will be ready to ship in January 🙌🏾 
  • This compact Twist Stair Stepper paired with resistance bands allows for a full body workout working your deep
    muscles without putting extreme pressure on bones and joints.

  • The Twist Stair Stepper tightens over 20
    different core muscles using low-impact aerobic exercise. This will also exercise your inner and outer thighs, abs, calves, hip flexors, glutes, arms, shoulders, and chest. 
  • Exercising with this stepper is always interesting and fun. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A CRAZY GOOD MUSIC PLAYLIST GOING! Just secure the resistance bands to the frame and do biceps curls, side and front raises and overhead presses as you step and go to town! A great alternative is switching out the bands for dumbbells.

Weight Compacity:330lbs

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Common Questions

Are your waist trainers true to size?

Yes, but the size of your abdomen will determine if you should size up by by one. We all have different body types, so a size chart is also available for reference.

What are the benefits of Waist Trainers/Waist Compressions?

•Enhanced workouts- It causes the body to produce more sweat around the abdomen, which in turn releases toxins and allows for inches to be lost.

•Posture- It helps tighten your core and forces you to have proper posture while also offering tummy control which can reduce back pain.

•Snatched- Look slimmer instantly which will give you the motivation to workout! When you look good you feel good!